Friday, May 27, 2016

Vintage Strawberry Patch Party

Not too long ago I had the pleasure of throwing a birthday party for a sweet little girl who was turning 4. With her birthday in the fall I was looking for ways to use girly colors to brighten up what was dreary and rainy weather outside! I came across the most darling Strawberry party from Tiffani Thiessen's little girls 4th birthday, check out all the details here. I pulled my inspiration from her party to create my own Vintage Strawberry Patch Party. I loved this idea, not only did I get to use girly colors, but also the bright white milk glass helped to bring a little sunshine indoors for the fall.

I made a simple "Happy Birthday" banner and used vintage inspired patterned paper for the flag banner. I made the flags by using a flag punch, it made the work super easy and didn't take much time at all. I attached the flags along bakers twine to create a banner effect. I also took small round paper doilies and folded them in half over baker twine, they created the cutest banner to add to the flags. 

What little kid party would be complete with out their favorite snack? Strawberry fruit snacks, set in these adorable strawberry cartons from Michaels were a perfect addition.


Homemade "Strawberry" sugar cookies with buttercream icing were a special treat. When I decided to make these cookies, I was having a hard time finding a strawberry cookie cutter, so I improvised with what I had by using a heart shaped cutter. It seemed to work out pretty well and I don't think anyone realized the difference, they were so yummy! 

For this girly party I broke out some vintage milk glass pieces and found these adorable napkins at Ikea. They fit the color scheme perfectly! Strawberry lemonade was served with mint stripes & red polka dot straws for sipping, from The Tomkat Studio.

I made a Naked Strawberry Cake with buttercream icing. Topped with a couple fresh strawberries for a simplistic, yet beautiful design.

Our "Berry" Special Girl even had her very own Berry Patch!

Each guest received a goody bag to take home, filled with sugar cookies, gumballs, "Strawberry Shortcake" stickers and a little color book.

Thank you so much for celebrating with us!

Party Styling & Photography: AK Party Studio
Straws: The Tomkat Studio
Napkins: Ikea
Buttercream Icing & Cookies Recipe: Jenny Cookies
Strawberry Cartons & Polka Dot Goody Bags: Michaels


Sunday, May 15, 2016

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Crunch Cookies

It certainly isn't new information that I love my sweets, especially chocolate, and I have a soft spot for cookies. They are probably one of my most favorite desserts, with the wide variety available and just about anything you can add, they definitely rank high in my book! 

I stumbled across the most delicious chocolate chip cookies from a local bakery, and have been hooked on them since. What I think makes them so amazing is the addition of Corn Flakes! Yes that's right, deliciously crunchy and mildly sweet, the flakes help to give this cookie it's name. 

Now I don't know the recipe behind these local cookies or even everything that would be in them. So based on taste and a few other recipes I have seen, I put together a list of ingredients and came up with something pretty close that is just as delicious. I call them Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Crunch Cookies, I'll continue to work on this one a bit more, but in the mean time will enjoy it all the same!

Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Crunch Cookies

1 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup of unsalted butter, room temperature ( this is important, pretty sure mine was a bit too warm)
1 large egg
yolk of 1 large egg
1 Tbsp vanilla
2 cups flour
1 cup oats
1 tsp baking soda
1 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
1/2 cup Corn Flakes
1 1/2 cup chocolate chips

- Preheat the oven to 325° and line baking sheets with parchment paper.

- First you will mix together the sugars and butter until blended smooth. Then add the vanilla and eggs, beat until mixed thoroughly.

- Add flour, oats, baking soda, baking powder and salt. Mix well. 

- Then take Corn Flakes and crunch in hands, dump flakes into bowl and continue to mix until just combined. Scrap the bowl and add chocolate chips until mixed. 

Take a large cookie scoop and drop onto baking sheet about 1-2 inches apart. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden. (Depending on your oven this time may vary).

Let cookies cool for a few minutes and remove from baking sheet. 

Mine may have gotten a little more done than I would have ultimately liked. They did continue to bake a bit while cooling. 

Now devour and enjoy! These did not last long in my house, yet that really is no surprise.


Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Classic Car - Garage Party

With my son turning three not too long ago, it had me reminiscing about his 2nd birthday. As it turns out I never shared that fun party with y'all, so thought I would now (you know only over a year later, but who's counting). We celebrated with a Classic Car Garage theme. My little man is into anything that goes vroom, I am pretty sure this has been the case since he was just a babe. 

I created the invitation using the theme and colors for his party as my guide. I think it turned out really cute and is one of my favorites to date! 

My dining room was transformed into a garage by adding a simple background of black poster board. I took a construction "happy birthday" banner I found at Target and turned it into one that would work for me. I liked the metal look it gave. I took pizza tins from the dollar store and spray painted them black, then added images I found on the Internet to make these replicated vintage garage signs. This cost me a little over a dollar each and they turned out great. 

I raided my husbands garage, if it was old, rusty or greasy, it was perfect! 

This party theme was for my little man, but lets be honest it really only gave my husband an excuse to shop for vintage die-cast cars, making a collection of dream cars he would like to own that we probably never will! I did really love the pop of color that each car added to the decorations.

This vintage miniature gas pump fit in perfect with the theme and I didn't have to go very far to find it. It is amazing what treasures I was finding that my husband had. Made planning this party and shopping for it, much easier! 

I came across these cute vintage oil cans and I was shocked that I found a free printable ready to go that fit perfectly to a 28oz aluminum can (I used tomatoes, but whatever you can find would work). Step by step instructions on how to make these can be found on Model Junkyard blog. Easy to make and they turned out perfect for the garage theme!

I had goody bags for the kids that I placed in treat bags, from The TomKat Studio, and they were held in a bright red tool box. Because at two these are the kinds of tools kiddos like! Each goody bag had a Hot Wheels car, glow in the dark sticks, car stickers and a cookie for the road! 

These wrench and screwdriver sugar cookies by the fabulous Sugar Studios were a big hit among kiddos and the adults. They were the perfect addition!

What garage would this be if we didn't fuel them back up? For the drinks these red stripey straws from The TomKat Studio were perfect and we kept the lunch simple, with ordered in pizza served on checkered flag plates. 

For the cake I opted for Old Fashioned donuts as my take on a tire cake (except my son isn't a big fan of chocolate, so these had to do). 

I stacked them high on two rubber wheelbarrow tires I found at the parts store. These worked out great as decor in multiple areas of the party. However in this case the cake plate was having a hard time balancing and staying up straight, so I stacked the plate on top of an upside down dog dish (that was clean, don't worry). Worked like a charm and almost resembles a large trophy. 

Sometimes, you just have to do, what you have to do to make that party vision come to life. The vision is always easier in your head! 

 As a fun game for the kiddos, I laid black construction paper down and made a race track, it lead from the foyer and out the front door. So when guests arrived it was also what greeted them. 

License plate sign (dollar store find), I used a variation of the invitation to welcome guests to the party.

My little man! This was such a fun party to plan and soon I'll share what we just did for his 3rd birthday! 

Hope you enjoyed Andrew's Garage, come again soon!

Stripey Straws & Treat Bags: The TomKat Studio
Vintage Oil Can Printable: Model Junkyard
Tool Cookies: Sugar Studios
Party Styling, Invitation & Photography: AK Party Studio

Monday, May 9, 2016

Party like a Pineapple-n-Bows!

My sister turned 25 this year and what better way to celebrate than a dinner party. Ever since I saw the amazing Party like a Pineapple event put on by Jenny Cookies, I started to love pineapples. They are surprisingly cute, and when you add a bow how can you not just love them? Also they happen to be one of my sister's favorite fruits, so it was a win win. I now present to you a Pineapple-n-Bows party!

I have always believed that the invitation will set your theme to any event, big or small. This invite was no different. I created a simple invitation with a black & white background, added a touch of gold to go with our pineapple theme and of course a hint of pink to really make that great first impression. This pineapple is ready to party!

I kept the decorations pretty simple with large palm leaves, gold pineapple garland and a cute "happy birthday" sign. 

While searching the interest of the countless ways to decorate for a pineapple party, I came across the perfect sign: "Be a Pineapple - Stand tall, wear a crown and be sweet on the inside". I just loved this saying, how true, right? 

The table was decorated with a Hawaiian print table runner (which happened to be a scarf I found at the Dollar Store, love a good bargain), large palm leaves, gold lanterns and fresh pineapple tied with a pretty pink bow.

Dinner was absolutely amazing! Started with a grilled wedge salad and homemade blue cheese dressing. The main course was a Risotto Bar with all the fixings; grilled pesto chicken and shrimp, with grilled asparagus, sauteed mushrooms, parmesan cheese and sprinkled with chives. Served on the side was delicious truffle oiled french bread. This Risotto Bar (which as I type this realize the sign in the photo was spelled incorrectly, haha, can't blame anyone but me on that one) was a great idea, especially for any guests who don't like mushrooms (yours truly). I am getting so hungry again just thinking about it! 

Dessert was a homemade pineapple-coconut upside-down cake, which smelled like a tropical oasis! With coconut chocolate almonds for additional snacking, these guys are dangerously addicting!

I love these adorable "cheers" cups from Cheeky. They are the perfect addition to any party. Filled with watermelon lemonade (you can make it adult friendly with a splash of vodka) and a stripey straw for fun, because every drink is better with a straw! 

Pineapple candles were wrapped with pink ribbon as a party favor to give to guests.

It is hard to believe my baby sister is already 25, time flies and I feel old! Lol. Hope you enjoyed my version of the Party like a Pineapple! Cheers!

Party Styling & Photography: AK Party Studio
Stripey Straws: TomKat Studio
Cups: Cheeky


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Mother's Day Brunch {Target Giveaway!}

For the month of May I was asked to participate in an Instagram giveaway, with nine other IG party ladies, for #StylewithTarget. I jumped at the chance, you know me, any excuse to plan a party! Each hostess picked a theme to style a party table, bar cart, name it. I thought this was such a fabulous idea, you can find so many great things at Target to plan a pretty and stylish party, while still being affordable. You will find most of the items used to style this party, as well as the other parties done by my co-hosts of the giveaway, at your local Target.

I chose to feature a Mother's Day Brunch, however you could easily replicate this party to celebrate for any girly event or ladies lunch. I have personally celebrated my mom for many years by hosting either a brunch or tea and we have always had a lot of fun. I also love the chance when I can be extra girly, and mother's day is the perfect opportunity!

I decorated the bar cart with a floral banner and a couple of printables that I found online, some of them were even free! I printed and framed them using frames I had lying around and they turned out great, adding a simple feminine touch. I served a couple different varieties of white wine by Sutter Home, keeping it light and fresh on a beautiful afternoon. You can find Sutter Home at your local Target. The smaller bottles come in a four pack and are perfect for a single serving or to take home as a party favor.

The 'MOM' banner can be found at Hostess with the Mostest Blog. I loved how this cart turned out; simple, classy and pretty!

Watercolor 'Happy Mother's Day' card is available to purchase on Etsy.  This print is gorgeous and ties perfectly with the gold frame.

8x10 Motherhood printable can be found at 'Yesterday on Tuesday' and the 4x6 print can be found at Sweet Charli. I think the colors of these printables tied in perfectly with the theme.

For the table I chose to go with a color scheme of pink & goldish/yellow. For ambiance I added outdoor lanterns with candles. For the place setting I used yellow craft paper as placemats, added a beautiful pink runner to the center of the table (the runner is actually a scarf that was laid out) and paper-ware. I found the adorable selection of  Cheeky paper products at Target and chose their plates with pink dots, and for the layered affect I also added white paper plates. Then topped with striped napkins tied with a pretty pink bow, and set out gold glitter utensils to add a little sparkle.

I tied little tags for each guest to their glass and added a fun yellow chevron straw. Because wine from a straw is much more classy. (haha...)

I love using fresh flowers to brighten up a table; a mix of white and pink flowers set in a beautiful milk glass vase was the perfect centerpiece. 

Each guest received a little gift at their seat, a 'pink lemonade' candle tied with pink ribbon. 

Most of the items used can be found at your local Target (a complete list is detailed at the end of this post), making this party, affordable and beautiful.

Mom's do so much and this is the least I could do to show how much I appreciate all that my mom does for  me and my kiddos. Thank you for everything mom!

I loved getting the chance to create an affordable event based on items found at one of my favorite stores, Target! I collaborated with nine other amazing party ladies for this giveaway, they share my love of party styling and shopping at Target! We created a fun hashtag #stylewithtarget, each week for five weeks we will be giving away $40 to Target! So head on over to my Instagram @akpartystudio_toni_kruck to see all the details!

Party Supplies available at Target:
   Paper plates by Cheeky
   Gold Sparkle Cutlery
   Floral Scarf (table runner)
   Pink Lemonade Candles
   Threshold Outdoor Lanterns
   Stripe Napkins
   Threshold Tablecloth
   Stripey Straws
   Name Tags
   Baker's Twine

Party Styling and Photography: AK Party Studio

Mother's Day Printable Card:
   I Should Be Mopping the Floor Blog

Party Printables:
   Yesterday on Tuesday
   Sweet Charli
   JohannesGallery on Etsy