Saturday, November 19, 2011

Pink & Green Party...oh my!

The time has finally come where all of my year long planning and dreaming of my little girls 1st birthday party became reality. I cannot believe how quickly her first year has gone by, with her birthday next week and being so close to Thanksgiving we decided it would be best to celebrate a little early. Last weekend we had our house transformed with pink & green everywhere! The rooms were filled with family, friends and lots of chatter, I couldn't have been more thrilled at how well everything turned out.
We had a "Sweet Shoppe" set up for the kids and lets face it, adults too.

We had a pinata for the kids, balloons, pom poms, and streamers galore and lets not forget, lots of food.

I made some delicious Strawberry cupcakes with lemon buttercream frosting, yum yum!

Cupcake toppers designed by TomKat Studio
Now I can't take credit for doing it all because I had a lot of help, my husband helped clean the house and garage from top to bottom and ran to the store multiple times for items that I seemed to just keep forgetting. My mom worked hours on making the streamers that I had envisioned and she also made Katelyn's cake. The biggest help of all had to be my mom and Brian made the delicious food, without them I would have gone crazy I am sure. Thank you so much!

I think everyone had a good time and we appreciate everyone coming to join in wishing our little girl a Happy Birthday. I know Katelyn will not remember this day, however one day I will share with her the pictures and plans that her momma had to make her 1st birthday the best it could be.

Peanut: We love you so much, we are so proud of you and you are the best blessing we have ever had. Happy Birthday our sweet Katelyn.

I know, I know....

It has been a long time since my last post, hard to find the time to write when taking care of a little one! Actually this isn't true, I could write but you see I have become obsessed with some of the new fall line up of shows that I find myself catching up on my shows after Katelyn goes to bed. I know, horrible, right?

Anyway, for the update back in September we visited Great-Gram in Canada, this time a girly trip with my mom and sister. We took Great-Gram and Grandpa Tom out to a nice dinner and Katelyn did so well, her first fancy feast. We had a great time and since the weather was so hot while we were there, Katelyn got to play in the sand and lake. 

Next up came my favorite time of year, the fall! This year in October Steve and I celebrated our 6th anniversary, and what better way to spend the day then with our peanut at the pumpkin patch. We decided to head to Orting to visit Spooner Farms again this year, and we had a great time. We posed with pumpkins of course, then visited the mini farm (which Katelyn loved) and posed with more pumpkins! Katelyn even picked out her first pumpkin.

 We had such an amazing day and made some great memories, thankfully the sun decided to shine on us too!

Spooner Farms Pumpkin Patch - 2011

 For Halloween this year Ms. Katelyn was a Bumble Bee, and the cutest one I have ever seen (of course I am not partial in any way - hehe).

 Since daddy was working, Katelyn and I went with my good friend Melanie and her two daughters Sara and Molly trick or treating in downtown Gig Harbor. Sara was a little farmer and Molly was her cow, too cute! We had a good time watching the girls take in the sights and sounds of Halloween, next year I am sure Katelyn will be running around and definitely not wanting to be stroller bound!