Monday, May 30, 2011

Butternut Squash: baby food round 1

Now that Katelyn is 6 months old we got the go ahead to start introducing her to real food! My husband and I were both really excited for the new adventure. I decided that I wanted to try and make her food, instead of buying it. Reason one, so I know what is in her food that she is eating and two, it will save us a bunch of money.

Our first round was yesterday and we started with Butternut Squash, it was peeled and cubed, then I steamed it until tender and dumped into the blender. I just purchased the blender/food processor combo at Costco so I wasn't really sure if I should use the blender or processor. I ended up dumping the squash into the processor half way through and it pureed the food a lot better. It didn't take long and it was surprisingly pretty easy.

Since she is just starting out and only eating about a tablespoon at each sitting, I thought I would freeze half of it. It made quite a bit. Then I divided the remaining squash into single serving containers for the week.

It was a lot of fun watching her try something new, she took the first few bites right away and seemed to like it. After a few bites she had enough and kept making a face, as if to say that she wasn't quite sure what she thought about it.

Now we will wait and see if there are any reactions, so far one #2 diaper down and it wasn't too bad. Thankfully!

Today we tried the squash again and she liked it, finished the whole serving. So on the menu for dinner tonight is pork chops and salad for us, butternut squash with a side of bottle for Katelyn.

Hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend, I know I did. Back to reality tomorrow.

~ Happy Memorial Day!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Six Months, Gone By....

~ A note to our daughter ~

Little peanut you have reached your half birthday, not sure where the last 6 months have gone but we have loved every moment. We had no idea how much our lives were going to change once you came along, and we couldn't be happier. You have blessed us with patience, excitement, laughter, joy, hope and more love than we could imagine. We are so happy that God picked us to be your parents.

You have grown so much over these past months, I think you are going to be tall just like your Aunt Lisa. Your hair is light red and your eyes are a beautiful blue. You have very fair and sensitive skin, which is most likely from my English background (sorry kid, no tan for you). We introduced rice cereal to you around 4 months old and you really enjoyed it. At times feeding can be messy but we always have a good time. This month we plan to start introducing you to vegetables and fruits!

You love playtime, whether it be on your activity mat or playing on the floor with mommy and daddy, you are all smiles. Your most favorite activity is your jumper. You love to bounce so much that when you are being held by someone you will try and bounce on them, which just makes us laugh. Your most recent toy is your baby laptop, bright lights and songs completely amaze you. You really like bathtime and have recently learned that if you kick your legs you can splash mommy with water, that gets a smile everytime!

You are a very happy baby, generally only fussing when you are tired or hungry. Each morning when we get you from your crib we are always greeted with a huge smile! You are sleeping through the night and take 2 naps a day. You love to be swaddled, even still, and that has been our biggest obstacle with you. We have tried putting you to bed without the swaddle and nothing has seemed to work. We are hoping you will grow out of that soon. You love to watch cartoons each morning with daddy and mommy reads and sings to you in the evenings. You can rollover, however you don't do it very often. You can sit up with assistance and briefly on your own before you start to topple over.

You are a miracle and you are our world. We love you so much and look forward to watching you grow, we are so proud to be your parents.

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

HomeGoods Happy!!!

Some of you may have never heard of HomeGoods, but I am in LOVE with this store and have yet to even go. You ask how this could be? Well this store happens to be popping up all over blogland. I love finding new bloggers who are decorating fanatics like me and of course a lot of the ones I have come across kept refering to this HomeGoods place, well after viewing pictures and posts I am already sold!
The closest store to me is in Portland so one day this summer I plan to make the jaunt and have a shopping trip.
Go check out this blog for details on how you can enter to win this great giveaway for a $25 giftcard, who doesn't love free money for shopping???  There will be 10 winners, I figure someone has to win so why not me! Oh PICK ME, PICK ME!!!

I hope you all have enjoyed this sunny day we are having in the Pacific Northwest.

~ Happy Wednesday

Silhouette Giveaway!!!

I had to share this awesome giveaway I came across! I have actually never heard of the Silhouette but now that I know what it is I WANT IT!!! Go check out this blog and see what you think.

Let's get crafty people!

~ Toni

Thursday, May 12, 2011

My newest obsession...

I have found that I have a new obsession, blogging! My first look into the blogging world was from my dear friend Cori, she does amazing work! She creates beautiful custom invitations for your events, check out her site iheartcocoandco. She created the invites for my baby shower and I just LOVE them.

The other blog I just loved and that really got my creative juices flowing was It's the Little Things. I read through all of her posts, she gives such great design advice and really opened my eyes to want to start exploring my creativity more.

So one afternoon I decided I should start my own blog, I was pregnant at the time and thought it would be a great way to share information with the extended family about the baby and our little family. Since then I have found that I keep finding new blogs and one blog just leads to another. There are so many amazing women (sorry there are men too, but majority I have found are women) out there in the blog world; crafting, creating and just sharing their dreams and realities. I find that each day I check my blog site to see who has posted something new, it is something I have come to look forward to. Crazy I know, but I think it is a great way to get to know people better and to learn about new things that you may have never thought of. There are so many ideas out there, I just love how one blog can spark an idea of my own. So ladies (and gents, if you are out there) keep on blogging because you have a reader in me!

Hope everyone is having a great week, not sure about you but I am looking forward to the weekend!

~ Happy Thursday!

Monday, May 9, 2011

My Very First Mother's Day

I hope everyone enjoyed their Mother's Day weekend as much as I did. My husband, Steve did such a great job at making me feel appreciated and special. On Saturday I was able to spend some quality time with Steve and our baby girl, Katelyn, which was much needed. We did a little shopping and had a fabulous lunch.

Sunday was full of activity, I spent some time downtown Gig Harbor with my mom, sister and Katelyn. We had a nice lunch and did some... you guessed it, shopping! It was so nice, not only was I spending time with my mom but with my daughter as well. One of the many girl day memories we will make, I am sure! Then I was off to visit the in-laws for a bit, after a long day we headed home. The three of us wrapped up the evening planting fruit trees, now any time I look at them I will remember my first Mother's Day. Such a special memory.

Thank you honey for making my weekend so special, I love you!

Katelyn's first holiday...

It has been a little while since my last post, we have been busy!

So a few weeks back I mentioned we were off to Canada for a visit with my grandma. The last time I saw her I was only 2 months pregnant, a lot has changed since then! She lives in Eastern B.C. so we only get up there to visit twice a year due to the weather. Normally we make a girls weekend out of it, but this time my sister stayed home and the boys tagged along. My step-dad and husband hadn't seen her in years so the trip was pretty fun. It was also a great chance for Steve and I to get away from home for a bit and just relax, well as much as you can with a baby!

So Katelyn's first holiday was an international trip to Canada, yes very exciting! Since Katelyn was born in the fall we had to wait until Spring for the nicer weather over of the passes. I have been really excited to introduce her to Great-Grandma. We couldn't have asked for a better trip, the weather was beautiful and Katelyn was such a good baby in the long car ride of 8 hours. She was a trooper and absolutely loved her Great-Gram.

Something that was really important for me during this visit was to get a 4-generational picture. I have one with my Great-Grandma, Grandma and mom and now it was Katelyn's turn.  And of course Great-Gram loved her, but who wouldn't right?