Friday, October 8, 2010

Five years ago today...

I walked down the aisle and said I do, and promised to share my life with the most amazing man ever! I can't believe how 5 years can go by so quickly.  I think back to all we have accomplished and am truly amazed, we are very blessed. I can't think of a better way to celebrate 5 years than preparing to welcome our baby girl into the world.  I thought I would share some pictures, they bring a smile to my face and I can't believe how young we look either! Haha, enjoy!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fall is in the air...

I absolutely LOVE the fall season; the colors, the smells, the delicious foods and even the change in weather. It means I can pull the sweaters from the back of my closet and start burning some yummy candles! That is probably why when I got married I chose the fall, which I think just made my obsession worse, the colors are just so beautiful and warm. Now, as if I could have planned it better, our little one is due in the fall. I am already thinking of all the fun birthday parties ahead! So with the season changing I thought I would post some pictures I found online to get everyone in the Autumn spirit, enjoy!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Life as we know it, is about to change...

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything and since a friend of mine started a blog recently I thought, I should probably get mine up to date.  So much has changed in our lives this year and has so far turned out to be the best year yet! In March we found out that we are expecting our first baby, after an ultrasound in June we are pleased to announce that our little bundle of joy is a girl! We already had her middle name picked out, Renee', named after my mom but we now needed to start the search for her first name. Steve and I went through the never-ending long list of girl names online, I really liked Emma but Steve wasn't sold on that one. Neither of us had too many names that were jumping out saying "pick me" until we ran across the name Katelyn.  We both really liked it right away, Steve picked the spelling and now we are awaiting the arrival of our Miss Katelyn. I feel pretty blessed because the pregnancy so far has been very good to me.  There was a little sickness in the beginning, but that went away once I hit my 2nd trimester and I am still feeling great as we are entering into the 34th week. I am cherishing every kick, roll and punch that our little girl is giving me! We have a lot left to tidy up in the house to get completely ready for her arrival, but we are getting there. Slowly her room is coming together and hopefully I can post pictures and updates on that soon. We are overjoyed and excited to soon be parents and we can't wait to welcome her into our home and our hearts, 6 weeks and counting!

Welcome Home...

Welcome to our home
In mid-July our house was complete and we were finally able to move in.  It was a long process and sometimes stressful, but in the end we couldn't be happier. There is still a lot of landscaping that will need to be done over time, but we look forward to making this house our own. Steve has big plans for the yard, lets only hope our budget can keep up! We both feel so lucky to have our dream home and know we will be happy here for years to come. We are excited that we have such a wonderful place to raise our family and we look forward to all of the memories we will make. Our Lucy is even enjoying herself with all the space she has to roam and has made a friend with the neighbor dog. We are truly blessed!

The Foyer
Dining Room

Living Room

The Fireplace - my favorite part